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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Short story- A Matter Of  Balance by W.D. Valgardson

a. The significant events in the story are revealed through flashback is Harold suffered deeply from the loss of his wife and his childhood experiences, he decided not to save the bikers in the park. He had an internal conflict within himself.

b. The Harold's wife is killed. He felt very sad and grieved about death of his wife. He also had a psychiatrist. 

c. First the author develop these feelings when Harold was resting himself by sitting on a cedar log, he saw the bikers. he noticed them laughed. He thought with a mixture of contempt and fear when he saw the bikers attires. He was sorry that they were there. The blond man raised his right hand, pointed two fingers like he would a pistol and pretended to shoot. Harold felt his stomach knot with anxiety. He wished that he were on the other side of the bridge. He had no desire to try to force his way past them because the only way across the river was the bridge. It brought up the memories of Harold’s childhood, and the bullies in his school. He did not understand why the bullies had to harm him at that time. Besides, he also felt very sad about the death of his wife and worry his children's.

d. One of the bikers has dark hair, but the other one has blond hair. Harold was not comfortable seeing the two bikers there. He felt contempt and fear.So,Harold rationalize his leaving the bikers in such a dangerous position. The other reason he have is when he's childhood the bullies in his school. His actions are justified because he saw the blond biker raised his hand and pointed two fingers like a pistol ad pretend to shoot him. It brought up the memories of his childhood, and the bullies in his school.

e. Title of " A matter of balance "shows how much a person’s experiences and past memories can affect someone’s decision, judgments, and attitude. In the story Harold is a victim of several tragedies that happened in his life, including being bullied in a young age and the death of his wife. Those are all factors that affected Harold’s decision on whether to save his attackers or not. He treasures him and his children’s well being.

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